Indian Classical Vocal Training

Having a training experience of more than 12 years now, he is one of the inspirations among all the Indian Classical Music aspirants of this generation. Maintaining the strict discipline and teaching values of his Gurus, Kshitij is carrying forward, promoting & preserving the Indian tradition and guiding the students with the sense of purity, cultural aesthetics and Guru-Shishya Parampara importance.

Music Consultation

Kshitij has been associated with many premier music institutions and reputed organizations for providing music consultation, innovative approach and for guiding with a vision to explore & push boundaries of our pure Indian Art, Music & Culture.

Mentoring & Guidance

A good mentor shapes destinies, selflessly devotes their mentees towards the right path, the right opportunities to shine. To a mentor, the mentee’s accomplishment is a collaborative effort & victory, a fruition of belief and proof of their faith in each other.

Kshitij is one of the most respected mentors and guides for many upcoming talented singing aspirants of this generation and helping them out to explore their music & performance strength and in developing their exploration vision.

Concert Performances

Kshitij has been performing and touring across India for his concerts. He has collaborated with various genre artists as well as experimental fusion music too.

Along with the open concerts, he has performed in many private baithaks also with the intense listeners and keen sangeet rasiks.

Workshop & Seminars

By believing in imparting knowledge of music, Kshitij also conducts workshops and seminars for many respected organization and instituitions. By pushing his knowledge imparting boundaries, he is also involved in many society change & developement programs such as,

  • Behavioural Development through programs Music programs
  • Free music education to the under-privileged children
  • Free music education to specially-abled children
  • Organizing talent promotion platforms to support livelihood of the upcoming artists & musicians.
  • Organizing workshops for students with various reputed artists to promote diverse learning & knowledge.


To become enablers for artistic journeys by making connection, fostering communities and creating spaces in a manner that does not exist in the current environment.

To give way to the substantial environment for the arts through change of progress, and enhancing the way the art is conceived, perceived and received.

To develop art-based programs and purpose-driven strategies and programs promoting practical outcomes and social responsibility


Spreading music & culture amongst the masses

Encourage community led and community engaged learning

Explore opportunities in the art accessibility

Explore new forms of art and art practices

Foster creative leadership

Develop a belongingness towards all the respected art forms

Encourage cultural exchanges to foster new coherent spaces